'A Christmas Carol' is Now Sold Out!

All performances of A Christmas Carol are now sold out! To be added to our ticket waitlist, please fill out this form to be notified by email if any any additional tickets become available. Even if none do, we will be sure to contact you when details of our 2024 production are announced!

We also encourage you to follow us on social media using the links below and/or subscribe to our e-newsletter to stay in the loop about A Christmas Carol and our other activities. If you are in a position to do so, we also invite you to consider making a contribution to our GoFundMe campaign so we can keep this tradition alive!


The Three Ships Collective, with the support of Soup Can Theatre, is remounting our site-specific and award-winning smash-hit adaptation of A Christmas Carol, and we need your help!

While we are fortunate to have enthusiastic audiences, ticket sales alone are not enough; the site-specific nature of the Campbell House is one of the elements that makes our presentation so intimate and magical, but also means that our audience capacity is only a fraction of that of a traditional theatrical venue and this significantly limits our potential revenue – even with sold-out performances. In spite of our own costs increasing, we have also chosen not to raise ticket prices this year in an effort to ensure our production remains accessible to as wide an audience as possible.

Furthermore, this is very much a grass-roots production and we produce this show without the assistance of any major corporate sponsors, governmental organizations, granting bodies, or other similar funding on which larger theatre organizations typically rely. With a large cast and significant expenses (such as period costumes and set dressing, insurance, venue and rehearsal space, etc.), the scale of our production is diametrically at odds with our financial standing. For these reasons, we count on additional fundraising efforts – like this GoFundMe – to ensure our production remains viable and we can continue to present it year after year for the many audience members who have chosen to make it part of their holiday celebrations.

With your support of this year’s production, our Collective will be able to:

  1. Present the highest quality of work possible while also ensuring that our tickets remain fairly priced and accessible to patrons of diverse socio-economic backgrounds.
  2. Compensate the artists that make up our collective for their effort and involvement.
  3. Bring a little joy and humanity into an otherwise bleak year.

For these reasons, we invite those who are in a position to do so to support our production and the artists involved by making a contribution to our 2023 GoFundMe campaign by clicking the link below. Every dollar helps and no donation is too small!

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