How Long is the Show?

Each performance is approximately 85 minutes long.

What is Your Latecomer Policy?

Latecomers may be admitted but only up to a certain point in the performance approximately 5-10 minutes in, and strictly at the discretion of the Front-of-House staff. Because of the mobile nature of this production, admitting latecomers after that point would be disruptive for the performance. Unfortunately we are unable to issue refunds for latecomers who cannot be admitted. We thank you for your understanding.

Is this Production Appropriate for Children?

While this production is family friendly, it does touch on some mature themes and is recommended for children 10 and older.

Because of the intimate nature of this production, we kindly request that parents/guardians ensure children remain quiet and non-disruptive during the performance.

Why do You Have 7pm and 9pm shows? Isn't 9pm a bit Late?

Because of the historic nature of the Campbell House, our audience sizes are extremely limited compared to a traditional theatrical venue. To ensure as many guests are able to enjoy the production as possible, we perform the show twice a night.

Because of the 85 minute run time, those attending the 9pm performances will still get out at a reasonable hour.

What is Your Refund and Exchange Policy?

Tickets may only be refunded within a 12 hour grace period after purchasing them by calling Brown Paper Tickets directly at (800) 838-3006.

Tickets can be exchanged up to 12 hours before the performance start time (subject to availability). To exchange tickets, please call Brown Paper Tickets directly at (800) 838-3006.