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2019 Production

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2018 Production

NNNN – NOW Magazine

Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol is so ubiquitous at this time of year that it’s hard to approach it with any sort of freshness. Thankfully the ingenious folks at the Three Ships Collective and Soup Can Theatre have done just that. … BrilliantImaginative … Impeccable …  A one-of-a-kind production.”

★★★★ – MGT Magazine

DelightfulCharmingTaut and propulsive … I had a tear in my eye … This production is extravagant in ways that a Scrooge would not approve of.”

SesayArts Magazine

“It is a most unusual experience – and it is excellent. The production is of uniformly high quality, and the impact of its intimate setting is a revelation. … You feel as if you are inside the Victorian world that the characters inhabit … Directed with an assured vision by Sarah Thorpe, who elicits a uniformly strong ensemble performance from her outstanding cast. … A unique and truly wonderful production. … The Three Ships Collective and Soup Can Theatre’s fine, uplifting and, frankly ingenious production of A Christmas Carol is a timely and important reminder that empathy, kindness and friendship are both necessary and timeless.”

Slotkin Letter

“One of the best productions on offer … Uses the gift of setting the story in the Campbell House Museum to its full advantage … An exemplary and magical production.”

My Entertainment World

“Director Sarah Thorpe and her cast can be truly proud of what they’ve accomplished here … With any luck, this will be a fixture of the Christmas season at Campbell House and spread festive joy to even more audiences in Christmases Yet to Come.”

Life with More Cowbell

 “A delightful, unique, and immersive production. … MovingHeart-wrenchingDynamic.”


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